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On the occasion of Prophet Mohammad's birth the Technical Institute organized a day in this occasion

guiding seminar for students of civil technologies and techniques of computer systems department

الدكتور ماهر حميد مجيد يهنىءطلبة قسم انظمة الحاسوب بمناسبة عيد المولد النبوي الشريف

 Celebrations on the occasion of the Prophet's birthday 

 ((ارهاصات التنمية في زمن الارهاب )) محاضرة للدكتور ماهر حميد في المنتدى الثقافي للعتبة الحسينية المقدسة  

 Summer training in a siminar 

 Karbala Technical Institute preside a conference about ((woman role in the peace and security)) 

 منتسبوا وطلبة المعهد التقني كربلاء ينفذون وقفة استنكار ضد صحيفة الشرق الاوسط السعودية            

 عميد المعهد التقني كربلاء يكرم الطلبة المشاركين في المخيم الكشفي الرابع لوزارة التعليم العالي والبحث العلمي  

 وزارة التعليم العالي والبحث العلمي تناقش سياسة التعليم العامة في الملتقى الاكاديمي  

 اختتام دورة (( التحكم والصيانة في انظمة القوى الكهربائية )) في التقني كربلاء          

 عميد المعهد يشارك في اجتماع اللجنة الفنية الأولى مع المجلس الثقافي البريطاني       

السبايا... عرض مسرحي في التقني كربلاء  

وقفة تأييد وتضامن لطلبة ومنتسبوا المعهد التقني كربلاء مع قواتنا الامنية والحشد الشعبي 

مدير هيئة النزاهة يتقلد درع المعهد التقني كربلاء  

Dr. Maher Hamid Majeed, Dean of the Institute attended The Middle Euphrates Technical University's central ceremony on the occasion of the liberation of Mosul and the achievement of glorious victory against terrorists. The ceremony, which was attended by Prof. Abdul Kadhim Yasiri, President of the University and a number of deans of colleges and institutes, included a review of the participating delegations and speeches in this occasion. The delegation was attended also by the delegation of the Karbala Institute. and in a declaration to Al-Taliaa TV channel, Dr. Maher Hamid Majed praised the great victories achieved on the terrorist gangs in the liberation of Iraqi cities, especially the recent victory in Mosul. He also esteem the achievement of the popular crowd and its sacrifices for the benefit of the Iraqi people  

"Dr. Sahar Safa Hadi, head of the Computer Systems Techniques Department in the Institute, has been registered as a member of the International Scientific Research Organization (IEEE) and the identity of the Foundation's affiliation, in recognition of the scientific efforts and excellent research presented and published by the Scientific Movement. It should be noted that this foundation was established in 1940, and has a group of researchers and scholars from around the world. It includes 38 scientific families covering most scientific fields. It also organizes more than 2,000 scientific conferences around the world.

 Dr. Maher Hamid Majeed dean of Karbala Technical Institute Congratulated the students and the staff of Computer Systems Technology Department on the occasion of Al Mawlid when he attended a ceremony held by the department on the occasion, He underscore in his speech during a celebration of the place of the popular crowd in protecting Iraq and wished all a garlanded years with success and achieve all Wish list.

Karbala Technical Institute preside a conference about ((woman role in the peace and security)) in cooperation with the social qualitative office in the city of Karbala introductory seminar on the Security Council decree No. 1325 about peace and security and the impact of conflicts on women. Ms. Alia Ansari, The Rafidain Association spokeswoman underscore during the seminar to consider women's privacy in accordance with Security Council decree 1325.

A symposium was Held at the Technical Institute of Karbala to discuss a new mechanism to improve the summer training modes. Dr. Maher Hamid Majid Dean of the Institute Said: The summer training is an exceptional importance in higher education in general and technical education, in fact the technical education is relied upon to supplement the work of technical cadres market in all administrative and technological areas

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